Credits + CV

Tom Rowland CV  pg1.jpg

Silverback Films - In House Bursary Camera Operator

BBC A Perfect Planet: Crocs and Bee Eaters

                            Bee Eater Bank Collapse

                            Giant River Turtles, Eider Ducks,

                            Asha de Vos Interview


The Mating Game / LOOP

Silverback Films - Camera Operator

Large Natural History Project due for release in the next few


Offspring Films- Camera Operator

Long Lens Sequence for upcoming Natural History Series

Tom Rowland CV pg2.jpg

BBC NHU - Camera Operator 

Earth's Great Rivers (Pelicans) 

Springwatch (Beavers), Turtledoves

The One Show (Short Eared Owls, Hen Harriers)

Apple TV+ - Earth at Night in Colour - Offspring Films

Second Camera Operator

Behind the scenes Film for Cities Episode

(Peregrine Falcon)

Tigress Productions - Camera Operator 

CH5's Canada: A Year in the Wild (Pika, Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Gannet, Prarie Dog, Osprey, Bison)


Amazon Prime's Atlantic: A Year in the Wild (White Tailed Sea Eagle, Arctic Fox, Wild Boar, Puffin)


Offspring Films - Second Camera Operator

Sky 1's Wild Animal Babies (Pufflings)

Plimsoll Productions - Second Camera Operator

Love Nature/Smithsonian Channel - Carnivore Rescue (African Wild Dog, Cheetah, Lion)



Rhino on the Move - Camera Operator (Black Rhino Sync Filming)


Plimsoll Productions - Second Camera Operator

Love Nature/Smithsonian Channel's - The Secret Life of Monkeys (Toque Macaque, Contributor Sync Filming)


The Elephant Dilemma (Asian Elephant, Contributor Sync Filming)

Plimsoll Productions - Additional Camera

Love Nature/Smithsonian Channel's - A Mother's Tale (Toque Macaque)


Leaving Home  (Toque Macaque)

Windfall Films - Additional Camera

Channel 5's The Secret Life of Owls (Barn Owl)