Hi I'm Tom, I am an award winning Wildlife Camera Operator and CAA approved Commercial Drone Pilot.



As the RSPB's ex-In House Wildlife Camera Operator I am particularly experienced in long lens filming and have shot across the globe in a variety of challenging environments either solo or as part of a team. Countries include Zambia, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Canada, Senegal, Iceland, Kenya, USA, South Africa

I have excellent experience shooting on a wide range of camera kit inc. Arri Amira, RED Cameras, Phantom 4K Flex, Canon CN20 + HJ18. I am adaptable to quick changing scenarios, am used to being on location for long periods of time and relish the challenge of capturing the coverage needed to bring a wildlife sequence to life. Previous companies I've worked with include:

Currently I am preparing for an upcoming long lens shoot for Silverback Film's Perfect Planet

Recently I have been filming Pelicans for the BBC's "Earth's Great Rivers" which can be viewed here: 




Last year I was the Principal Camera Operator for Channel 5's "Canada: A Year in the Wild".

Species filmed included Black Bears, Bald Eagles, Mountain Goats, Praire Dogs, Pika and Gannet to name a few.

Spring Episode: https://www.my5.tv/canada-a-year-in-the-wild/season-4/episode-3

Summer Episode: https://www.my5.tv/canada-a-year-in-the-wild/season-4/episode-4

I have also been filming Arctic Foxes, White Tailed Sea Eagles and Puffins for Channel 5's upcoming series "North Atlantic: A Year in the Wild"